Are You Sure You Know Enough About Rakeback Deals

This particular process is known as rakeback. Probably the rakeback is the greatest thing that online poker has even given to the world. Nowadays more and more people are being involved into online poker game because of this cash back deals that online poker rooms offer and that is not available in the traditional poker rooms.

In the case you want to play rakeback poker the first thing you need to do is to find a reputable rakeback web site because rakeback deals are only available through affiliate poker web sites. An affiliate is a web site that drives new potential poker players to online poker rooms and proposes them in its turn a certain percentage of the poker player’s rakeback and then offers to the poker player in the form of the rakeback deal. Usually all affiliates offer almost the same amount of the rake – from 27 per cent to 33 per cent from the rake. This sum depends on the online poker room that you choose to play at.


When you have signed up the deal you will earn rakeback based on the amount of the rake that is taken from the each pot that you are dealt cards in. For example, in the case you play 2000 hands in a 10-handed game with the average pot is raked $2, your contribution to the rake will be $.40 per hand in the case you have the best rakeback deal that is available for you – 33% – you will earn $.132 per hand. So in the case you will play 1000 hand, your rakeback will be $132.

You may think that it is not so big money, but in the case you will count how much money do lose playing the online poker and how much you can save this amount could be quite sufficient.

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